Wed. March 25, Sax-Zim Bog with Mark (Sparky) Stensaas

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March 25 Program at Hartley Nature Center doors open at 6:30, program starts at 7:00 PM

Mark (Sparky) Stensaas will speak on the preservation, plants and wildlife of the Sax-Zim bog.  Sparky is an amazing author of books on wildflowers and other naturalist subjects as well as a professional photographer.Welcome Center Owl Ave Sax-Zim Bog MN IMG_4217

Dan Schutte & Kristen Pless – Wednesday, February 25

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monarch1In January, Dan Schutte and Kristen Pless travelled to Mexico to visit the monarch butterfly sanctuaries in the state of Michoacan, 100 miles west of Mexico City. Over the last decade through his work in environmental education and natural resource management, Dan has developed a strong interest in the plight of pollinators and particularly the monarch butterfly. He has dedicated much of his time outside of work to propagating native wildflowers from seed and creating habitat for the insects and animals that depend on them. Kristen is a photographer, and professor of photography UMD. She photographed an extensive project while visiting the reserves. Her goal with the project is to create awareness of the social and environmental importance of supporting the monarch butterfly through wise land use and environmental stewardship activities. Their presentation will provide an overview of their native plant and habitat projects over the last few years and a look at the monarch butterfly sanctuaries in Mexico through Kristen’s camera lens.

Wednesday Jan. 28 – Doug Tallamy

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imageOK we won’t actually have Doug Tallamy LIVE and in person, but we will hear from him. Wild Ones – Arrowhead just purchased the DVD we’ve all been waiting for – “The Vital New Role of the Suburban/Urban Garden.” This DVD contains Doug Tallamy’s most recent presentations filmed with a live audience during a Wild Ones Fox Valley Area conference. We will show Part 1: “The Value of Having Native Plants in our Yards” (approx. 1 hr). A short discussion will follow. Tallamy is the award winning author of Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens.

Another time we will view Part 2: “Creating Healthy, Biodiverse Neighborhood Corridors” (1-1/4 hr plus Q&A)

When: 6:30 pm socialize & refreshments, 7:00 program
Where: Hartley Nature Center, Duluth

*Wild Ones programs at Hartley Nature Center, starting January 28 through April, are on the FOURTH Wednesday of each month.  We are working on our schedule for summer programs as well.


February 25
Dan Schutte and his wife, Kristen will present their trip to the monarch sanctuaries in Mexico.

March 25
Mark (Sparky) Stensaas will speak on the preservation, plants and wildlife of the Sax-Zim bog. Sparky is an amazing author of books on wildflowers and other naturalist subjects as well as a professional photographer.

April 22
Sue Brown of the Duluth Fiber Handcrafters Guild will introduce us to the exciting world of paper making. Bring 3 or 4 sheets of junk mail and go home with a sheet of hand made paper ready to be turned into a greeting card or booklet.

Saturday May 9 – Duluth Flower Garden Society spring luncheon, co-hosted by our Arrowhead chapter and the Chester Creek garden club.

December ’14 Update

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Nine people braved the weather to heard Joy Turnbull-Dunham (environmental educator) present an overview of the on-going partnership between Hartley Nature Center and our Chapter. Then six different yard certification programs were discussed. Ask for the detailed handout at a future meeting! Our president gave the annual Chapter yearly report, and an election of officers was held. People selected native seeds to take home which were donated by members.



Arrowhead Chapter Annual Meeting – November 2014

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WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 19
6:30 doors open for socializing, snacking and seed exchange

7:00 Joy or Brett from Hartley will talk a little bit about the Hartley/WO partnership and what all is going on at the nature center to promote native gardens, plants, etc. and controlling invasive species

7:15ish Share information and ideas regarding the various options out there for certifying your yard, e.g., through Wild Ones and Monarch Watch, NWF, etc.

7:40 Annual Chapter Meeting
Officer elections
Re-cap of 2014 activities
Brainstorming re: 2015 program and activity ideas, priorities
Review our Special Opportunities (aka “who might like to help us do ____”?)

WHERE: Hartley Nature Center, Duluth MN

WHO: All members and other interested persons are welcome to attend all or part of the program. no special guest speakers this month, just casual fun.



Bruce Carlson, MN DNR Presented in October

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Twenty-five people listened to Bruce Carlson (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources) give an overview of the Field Guide to Native Plant Communities. Once familiar with the guide’s design, he explained how to use this resource to identify plant communities in a specific location/property. Questions and discussion followed concerning survey results, plant succession, etc. Several students attended from a local college environmental education class. People also enjoyed browsing the native seeds donated by members, selecting seeds to take home.

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September Wild Ones Meeting

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Forty-seven people learned the specific needs of pollinators, dependent on the shape of flowers to accommodate their bodies.
With excellent visuals, Heather Holm explained the characteristics and habitat of bees and other pollinators. The presentation then covered the native flowers best suited to provide the resources necessary to support these pollinators. Lively discussion and book-signing followed, with displays and seed exchanges.



What You Can Do For Pollinators: Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Garden Habitat

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Presentation Title: “What You Can Do For Pollinators: Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Garden Habitat.”
Who: Heather Holm, author of the book Pollinators of Native Plants: Attract, Observe and Identify Pollinators and Beneficial Insects of Native Plants

When: Wednesday Sept. 24. Doors open at 6:30 PM for socializing, snacking and talking about native plants, program starts at 7:00 PM. Seating is limited so come early!
Where: Hartley Nature Center, Duluth MN


Exploring Sue French’s Cloquet River Property

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July-August 2014 100 July-August 2014 098

Twelve people came to explore the trail along the Cloquet River on Sue French’s land (three new people joined the tour). Martha Minchak briefly explained how to use the DNR field guide, distributing checklists to classify forest areas and identify plants as we walked. This rural setting provided an abundance of woodland plants in both upland and flood plain. The pollinator & vegetable gardens, hugel mounds, and greenhouse in the yard all supported production of the CSA farm on-site.

Aug 20 Cloquet River Yard Tour With DNR Guide

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Join us for an evening of exploring with members of Wild Ones, strolling through a Cloquet River property with a DNR guide

WHEN: Wed. August 20 at 6:30 – 7:45 pm

WHERE: Sue French’s property (7807 Industrial Road, Saginaw)

Carpool available – leaving the Rose Garden parking lot at 5:30pm
Driving time is 40-45 minutes from the Rose Garden.

“Our property consists of 13 acres of what was once part of the Northern Boreal Forest but was logged at one time and is now in a state of partial recovery/succession. We are on the Cloquet River and have 600 feet of shoreline, and a large part of the area around our house has been cleared and planted, a bit haphazardly by me, with various native plants and used by an organic farmer that runs a small CSA. Over the last couple years we’ve made some hugel mounds that are in various states of development. All of it needs a sense of direction and a plan. I would love to create a more formal butterfly stopover and do more to support the native bees. And understanding how to aid in the restoration of the forest would be so valuable. What are the plants we lost? How can we go about reestablishing them?”

1. Take Highway 53 North (toward the Range) to Twig (beyond Pike Lake).
2. Turn left at Twig on County Road 7 or Industrial Road. The Grand Lake Community Center will be on your left.
3. Stay on Co. Rd. 7 (it will curve and straighten out) to the stop sign at Highway 33 (four lane Highway).
4. Cross Highway 33 and continue on Co. Rd. 7 or Industrial Rd for another mile and a half or so to our driveway, the last drive on the right before the river (Cloquet River).

If you cross the river you’ve gone too far. There is a small creek before the river that you’ll cross, but you’ll know the river by the bridge with the red metal arches.

Martha Minchak (DNR) will demonstrate how to use the new DNR field guide for a restoration project, while we tour Sue’s land.

RSVP: only reply to this email if you plan to attend, and especially to carpool.

RAIN – light rain w/out lightening will not be cause for postponement; if hazardous weather upends our plans, someone will send an email by 4:00 with a postponement announcement or call Cathy at 218-724-1196.

Questions…contact Cathy Wood, membership chair