Dan Schutte & Kristen Pless – Wednesday, February 25

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monarch1In January, Dan Schutte and Kristen Pless travelled to Mexico to visit the monarch butterfly sanctuaries in the state of Michoacan, 100 miles west of Mexico City. Over the last decade through his work in environmental education and natural resource management, Dan has developed a strong interest in the plight of pollinators and particularly the monarch butterfly. He has dedicated much of his time outside of work to propagating native wildflowers from seed and creating habitat for the insects and animals that depend on them. Kristen is a photographer, and professor of photography UMD. She photographed an extensive project while visiting the reserves. Her goal with the project is to create awareness of the social and environmental importance of supporting the monarch butterfly through wise land use and environmental stewardship activities. Their presentation will provide an overview of their native plant and habitat projects over the last few years and a look at the monarch butterfly sanctuaries in Mexico through Kristen’s camera lens.

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