Aug 20 Cloquet River Yard Tour With DNR Guide

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Join us for an evening of exploring with members of Wild Ones, strolling through a Cloquet River property with a DNR guide

WHEN: Wed. August 20 at 6:30 – 7:45 pm

WHERE: Sue French’s property (7807 Industrial Road, Saginaw)

Carpool available – leaving the Rose Garden parking lot at 5:30pm
Driving time is 40-45 minutes from the Rose Garden.

“Our property consists of 13 acres of what was once part of the Northern Boreal Forest but was logged at one time and is now in a state of partial recovery/succession. We are on the Cloquet River and have 600 feet of shoreline, and a large part of the area around our house has been cleared and planted, a bit haphazardly by me, with various native plants and used by an organic farmer that runs a small CSA. Over the last couple years we’ve made some hugel mounds that are in various states of development. All of it needs a sense of direction and a plan. I would love to create a more formal butterfly stopover and do more to support the native bees. And understanding how to aid in the restoration of the forest would be so valuable. What are the plants we lost? How can we go about reestablishing them?”

1. Take Highway 53 North (toward the Range) to Twig (beyond Pike Lake).
2. Turn left at Twig on County Road 7 or Industrial Road. The Grand Lake Community Center will be on your left.
3. Stay on Co. Rd. 7 (it will curve and straighten out) to the stop sign at Highway 33 (four lane Highway).
4. Cross Highway 33 and continue on Co. Rd. 7 or Industrial Rd for another mile and a half or so to our driveway, the last drive on the right before the river (Cloquet River).

If you cross the river you’ve gone too far. There is a small creek before the river that you’ll cross, but you’ll know the river by the bridge with the red metal arches.

Martha Minchak (DNR) will demonstrate how to use the new DNR field guide for a restoration project, while we tour Sue’s land.

RSVP: only reply to this email if you plan to attend, and especially to carpool.

RAIN – light rain w/out lightening will not be cause for postponement; if hazardous weather upends our plans, someone will send an email by 4:00 with a postponement announcement or call Cathy at 218-724-1196.

Questions…contact Cathy Wood, membership chair

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