Eye Candy and Brain Food – February 26 Meeting

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This month’s presentation will be by native plant expert Jeff West, Manager of Boreal Natives – a division of Prairie Restorations Inc, one of the upper Midwest’s first companies to specialize in native plant community restoration.

Jeff will treat our winter-weary eyes to a treat of flower photos, describing many of his favorite native plants, including their growth characteristics and best uses. Following the presentation Jeff will take questions on preparing your planting site, selecting plants, and maintenance.

  • Do you amend soils first, especially clay?
  • What is the best way to kill existing vegetation?
  • How is starting with seed different than live plants?
  • I scattered native plant seeds on the ground last fall; what do I do next?

The meeting is on Wednesday, February 26 at Hartley Nature Center.  Snacks and socializing from 6:30 -7:00PM. The program will begin a 7:00.

Directions can be found on the event page.

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