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Thanks to everyone who was able to join us at our meeting yesterday to learn about Wild Ones Wild for Monarchs effort and to share ideas for improving monarch habitat in our area. Note that if you took home swamp milkweed seeds thanks to Boreal Natives the seeds need cold stratification before planting. If you have not already done so, mix them w/ some moist sand or vermiculite and put them in the freezer for a week or two before planting.

Below is some related links and information I swiped from a related press release:

To stay involved with the campaign, periodically check back at and see what new things have been added to the Wild Ones website. Share your garden photos, ideas and activities, successes and advice. Help spread the word about the Wild for Monarchs campaign by posting on your Facebook page or simply mention it to a friend. You can E-mail or call 877-394-9453 and request copies of the brochures and other promotional materials especially developed for the Wild for Monarchs campaign. Tell everyone you?ve ?gone Wild for Monarchs!?

Wild Ones promotes environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities. Wild Ones is a partner in the Monarch Joint Venture formed by researchers and conservationists to protect monarchs and other pollinators in response to the decline in monarch numbers and habitat. See for more info.

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